Monday, 4 November 2013

Treasure chest

     Treasure chest

Guess what I have hidden in my treasure chest?
Let’s find out.
I would sneak some of my special stuff like a diary, a pocket knife I got from my granddad that past away before I was born.
I hopped into bed and fell straight to sleep. When I woke up I went to look for more secret stuff. I found some fur from my dog called Ruby and I kept it. Soon I went to my room and found some pictures of my granddad, my dog and a picture of my old teddy bear I could remember it. It was so fluffy.
When I went to look at the time it was 7 o’clock so I went to bed and got my treasure chest I unlocked it and put all my stuff in.
I heard someone coming I had to hide my treasure chest somewhere so I hid it under my bed and pretended to be asleep.
Then everyone went to bed but I was still awake.
I had to hide it somewhere so I would forget about the treasure chest so I woudn’t be able to find it ever again.

By Devan  

Well done Devan ,
Good imagination was used and planing from start to finish .
Double checking helps to fine tune ideas . Keep it up son !!!!!

Why technology should be at school

Why technology should be at school
Today I’m going to be telling you some exciting reasons why technology should be at school. If you think technology shouldn’t be at school I bet you at the end of this epic story you will change your mind.
Technology should be at school because the school won’t need to buy anymore technology so we will be saving school money for more important things.
Some kids aren’t really responsible for their thing I know I’m not. So if we bring our technology to school it will make us more responsible for our things.
If the teacher doesn’t want us to play our technology in class the teacher can just have a box and we put our technology in the box every day before school and get them back at lunch play and at the end of the day. So I bet you have change your mind if you disagreed at the start. That’s three facts and reasons why technology should be at school.

Dear Annie
Here are my 2 stars and my wish.
My first star is we love the logic and sensible  thinking  in your story,
Second star, love the use of positive words especially the word Epic!!!!!
My one wish would be a little more detail in each point.
hugs and kisses Mum and Dad  XXXXXXooooooo

Why everyone should have a waterslide for free

Why everyone should have a waterslide for free
I reckon everyone should have a free because  
waterslide because kids parents wouldn’t need to waste money for swimming lessons, no wasting time so adults can do important work for their jobs. Also the pool is a good place for a hot day and a good place to spend time with your family on weekends. Kids can learn boat safety with life Jackets on and canoe safety. All you need to do is buy equipment for the pool. Maybe if your lucky you might get to customise it  with a jump at the end. I wish everyone had a waterslide for free I really do.
                  By Caleb Wolf

Dear Caleb
Thank you so much for sending us some of your writing to read.
I too think that a waterslide would be a great idea, especially in the Summer season.
I am so pleased you thought about the fact that it is a great place for families to spend their spare time together and also remembering that sometimes adults do have important work to get finished so that they can spend more time with their kids doing the "fun things" and a waterslide certainly is a fun and exciting way to fill in time even when us adults need to finish up some of our work.
You certainly have been doing a lot of thinking about swimming pools. You are also remembering that it is not only a great place for swimming but also being able to learn more about water safety and the use of life jackets when you spend time in a boat and around water. Being able to practise in the pool under supervision helps you to feel more comfortable about how to react should you get into some difficulty.
One thing though Caleb, I wish you did not think that swimming lessons are a waste of money - they are extremely important for your safety in and around water. It is our money well spent, if you and Holly can enjoy your time in the water and stay safe. There is time for learning and time for playing both are important.
Overall Caleb you have a wonderful idea, I could just see us all enjoying some time playing on the waterslide and using the jump at the end as well - yesterday would have been a great day for it!
Thank you so much for sharing this with us.
I hope you are having a great day...

Cricket is more skilful than table tennis

Cricket is more skilfull than table tennis
Cricket is better than table tennis because table tennis you hit the ball and cricket you chuck the ball at the person with the bat. The ball goes in the air when you play cricket  and if you catch the ball the other person is out. Then they swap batters.  So that’s why cricket is more skilful than table tennis!

Hi Caleb,

Thank you very much for sending this, it was a very pleasant surprise and a very good story about why cricket is better than table tennis. Can't wait to do the 2 stars and a wish! Enjoy the rest of your day at school.

Mum and Dad.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Why kids should have a waterslide for free

WHY kids should have a waterslide for free
 I believe that we should have a waterslide for free because it’s an awesome way to cool of  on roasting day’s and I should know because I have an awesome of my own an tell me it’s much better than being sprayed by a hose or having  a bucket of ice cold water splashed in your face.

From Zane’s Mum
I like the way you have described the water slide by calling it awesome
I like the way you describe it being better than being splashed in the face with ice cold water
I wish you had put a sentence break in the story somewhere.